Who WE Are

Founder of Wanna-ad is Nina Kojima, film director, TV and Radio journalist and broadcaster. During her study at MET film school, London, Nina was amazed upon discovering the many shots of which were not included in a film’s final content. She found interest cutting and editing them, creating short generic stories which could be used for advertising and commercial purposes. She also realised that with the increasing development of social media, many small, medium and big sized businesses can find these types of adverts very accessible and useful. Upon reaching out to software developers, wanna-ad.com came to life. 

And there could be no better time for wanna-ad.com to serve us all!  



Who YOU Are

Film and video makers, anybody with the short moving picture content which shows a story. Buyer, who wants to have a short film for advertising purpose or advertising expert, who is buying short film for advertising purpose on behalf of the client.



Declaration for the artist

I confirm that my short film is my work and it is available for one time purchase only. After it is bought it completely belongs to the buyer. I will not resell it or use it for any other purpose. Such forbidden uses by the artist include, inter alia, public viewing of the film, as well as submission to film festivals.

I confirm I am not a member or involved in any gang activity, criminal organisation or terrorist group.

I confirm that my short film contains no message of violence, terrorist act or any kind of aggression towards young children and adults, and no paedophile or pornographic content, or graphic portrayal of suicide.



Declaration for the buyer

I have purchased all commercial and artistic rights of the short film, and as such, am entitled to do the following:  use of its contents for the original purpose as advertising media;  use of its contents, or any part of contents, for any other purpose including commercial and non-commercial viewing by the public; making edits and further modifications to the short film; re-sale of the short film. I indemnify both the artist and Wanna-Ad from any legal consequences, should they use the short film results in claim of liability by a third party.



Dispute resolution

Any dispute between the artist and the buyer should be resolved by those parties and is subject to the UK court.  No responsibility will be assumed by Wanna-Ad.